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I would love to hear from you, but if not, keep the stories coming, thanks. Two lovely daughters - mmmm - and you have fantasies about them - what sort?? She could inhale the scent and imagine her lips were kissing and licking the labia and vagina that had created the wonderful delightful scent! I never found out whether or not she finally made it. At 45 your sex drive should be more powerful than ever. It's nothing whatever to be ashamed of - your body is there to be worshiped and pampered. Lots of love and kisses Di Hello Di Lovely to hear from you and read you flattering comments about my stories. It's more usual for the daughter to fantasise about their mom rather than the other way round. And masturbation is a glorious way of celebrating your female sexuality - worshiping your body. And have a girlfriend for weekly sessions - she's the vicar's wife of course! Later Sarah xx (It took Diana almost a week to come back to me.) Hi Sarah, Thanks for the response. And the delicious sensitive part between your thighs in particular. I'm a mother of 2 girls, I'm 45 yrs old living in Surrey. But apart from a friend in Wales, you are the only other UK mom who has emailed me about your fantasies.

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"Incest Submission": Mom & Son Summary: Hot Mom and college son seduce each other on Earth Day.

Submitted by Hey All 08/12/17Coeds have more in common than dating the same guy.

Submitted by highclassic 08/12/17Robert spends some "alone" time with his twin sister...

Submitted by standingstones 06/25/17Siblings get it on in gym.

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