Free dirty houston chat lines

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Some states could see sex talk with a minor and adult (even if there is no solicitation for actual sex to take place) as endangering the welfare of a minor, but then there are those states like Texas where the courts have said "dirty talk" is protected free speech and not illegal, so there are constitutional issues.

Mere flirting and dirty talk isn't something that is typically prosecuted.

Los Angeles and New York City were the two main cities where hip hop was receiving widespread attention.

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I was on a phone chat line and afterwords got a call from someone that they persons mother that they were 14yrs old - and she called the cops and they have my phone number and address - I dont recall talking to anybody in any lengthshould I be worried ? I just want to clarify, when you say a phone chat line, were you discussing having sex together, setting up a time and place, for exmaple?

Or was this just a chat line where anyone could participate and you were just talking about a variety of subjects?

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