Can anyone recommend a good adult chat room

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''Order whatever you want, though, from the look of you, I'd stick to the salads! You're my last chance, I'm desperate.''Would you like to see the long-distance photos I've taken of you?''I've brought along my mother for the evening.''Hello, you smell nice - bit like chip fat.''How do you do? I was here rather early.''Don't mind me scratching, it's just anal scabs.''Now, why don't you pop into the bathroom and make yourself look nice.''Yes, and it's not just Greek 'food' that I like.''Please take note, when it comes to paying the bill, I am not having a starter or coffee.''Yes, I have been on TV - but I don't like to talk about it.

when I felt the first drops of rain today, ah thank goodness I have a tumble dryer.

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Since 1980 she has also served as instructor, trainer, and presenter for early childhood professionals and parents in community college, university, hospital out-reach, and conference settings.

She was president of Midwest Association for the Education of Young Children from 1990 to 1992.

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