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So after some research and trail and error I finally managed a successful upgrade and to try and help people in the future that might want to do the same thing I wrote this guide.

Before we start the upgrade process there are a few requirements we need to meet first First of all we need to download the update files on to your computer, to do this go to the VMware website go to the area, locate VMware ESXi (you will have to register with VMware if you have not done so already), from here you will be able to download the full isos or incremental update files.

Last Document Update: Note: In many public documents, VMware ESX Server 3.5 is now known as VMware ESX 3.5, and VMware ESX Server 3i version 3.5 as VMware ESXi 3.5.

These release notes continue to use the previous convention to match the product interfaces and documentation. Notes: The following information provides highlights of some of the enhancements available in this release of VMware ESX Server: Enablement of Intel Xeon Processor 3400 Series – Support for the Intel Xeon processor 3400 series has been added. For additional information on previous processor families supported by Enhanced VMotion, see Enhanced VMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support (KB 1003212).

After that copy the 3.5 - 4.0 Upgrade file to the VM.

The first thing you must do is prepare your ESXi host for the upgrade, open up your VMware ESX Client and log onto your host server, shut down all your virtual machines.

You can get the client from another ESXi 4.1 Host or go to the VMware Website and get it from the Download Trial Software area.

None beyond the required patch bundles and reboot information listed in the table, above.

The typical way to apply patches to ESXi hosts is through the VMware Update Manager.

After you upgrade v Center Server or the ESXi host to v Sphere 5.1 Update 3 and attempt to connect to the v Center Server or the ESXi host using a version of v Sphere Client earlier than 5.1 Update 1b, you are prompted to upgrade the v Sphere Client to v Sphere Client 5.1 Update 3. You must use only the upgraded v Sphere Client to access v Sphere 5.1 Update 3.

The VMware Product Interoperability Matrix provides details about the compatibility of current and earlier versions of VMware v Sphere components, including ESXi, v Center Server, the v Sphere Web Client, and optional VMware products.

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