Bebe winans dating now

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There is always an enjoyable moment when I hear great singers and a great song.

WL: When you first stepped out onto the music scene with your big break with the Bakers, that audience perhaps presented a culture shock.

The star producer, who has three other kids with his wife, Joy, has been fighting in court with Janel since 2007. She's into all this witchcraft..."Mario is not a deadbeat dad.

But he recently told the "You didn't hear our phone conversations or the e-mails she sent us! I was singing a concert while they were having a baby. He doesn't have the money so I lent it to him to pay her.

How has that type of recognition changed you for the better and what keeps you grounded and humble?

BW: Our parents reared us with the understanding that we could do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

Gospel Singer Bebe Winans (of Bebe & Ce Ce) has had a rocky past with his ex-wife, Debra.

They were married for 16 years and divorced in 2003.

WASHINGTON LIFE: Talk about the moment you decided to tell your story as a staged production.

Janel says Mario is supposed to pay ,500 a month for their son Jordan, who he has not visited.

And despite producing Dirty Money's album, in addition to hits for Drake, Destiny's Child and Whitney Houston, Mario claims he is broke. I want to meet my grandbaby, but I'm afraid of her.

He had two sessions, not 10, but only two sessions with him. He said Be Be showed no domestic violence behavior.

But my response to the District Attorney is neither did the man who killed all the people at Fort Hood. The judge needs to see this.’ But Be Be’s people were pushing so hard to get this exonerated…

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