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The pair "say one topic seems to come up more than ever on dates these days: Brexit." After highlightng how "people have started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles," Frayer turned to John Kershaw, the developer of the "Better Together Dating" app, who noticed the trend of singles disclosing their political stance on this controversial topic and "spotted a market." The NPR journalist also pointed out how "another company is crowdfunding to create a dating app called Remainder — same kind of thing. Since the EU referendum a year ago, people have started posting how they voted — 'leave' or 'remain' — on their dating profiles — on apps like Tinder, OKCupid, and

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Nonetheless, I don’t doubt that the interpretation is true of some single women.

There's more potential partners online than there are at the local bar, because if you crawl over to the local bar right now, there's only five other people there."Whitney Wolfe: "When I first got started in this whole world of online connecting, we were combating this antiquated stereotype of who used online dating, and we really set out to make it popular with millennials.

What I find to be so fascinating now is, I'm seeing an inverse in that trend.

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