Apple updating airport extremt

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The latter is obviously a much more serious flaw, and we think it’s probably the sort of bug that Apple is talking about here.After all, you almost never want your home router to answer DNS queries the outside as part of the service it provides to your internal network, so most routers are set up to work this way.For example, you might create a web page that references an image that claims to be stored on a server at the offending domain.

All you need to do is register a domain name, such as ; set up a booby-trapped DNS server to answer queries about the domain; and send your victims some sort of content that includes a reference to the booby-trapped domain.

Die neuen Firmware soll einen Fehler ausräumen, der den Fernzugriff auf die Basisstation über den Dienst “Zugang zu meinem Mac” (Back to My Mac) verhindert, erklärt der Hersteller – ohne weitere Details zu nennen.

Mit Zugang zu meinem Mac können Nutzer unterwegs sowohl auf den heimischen Mac als auch auf eine an der Air Port-Station angeschlossene Festplatte zugreifen.

The tutorial below is only for configuring the dynamic DNS client in the Air Port devices to use Dyn.

Note on Dyn DNS Pro: We currently do not support the Air Port or Time Capsule devices on our Dyn DNS Pro services.

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