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Such species are known as Unlike the troglophiles we've been discussing so far, most troglobites would have a difficult time surviving outside of a cave environment.Troglobitic invertebrate species are not uncommon, but individual species usually aren't very widespread.Cave of the Winds Mountain Park is one of the highest show caves in the country!Travel deep into the mountain, exploring passageways and formations lit only by the hand-held lanterns you carry!Take to the skies on the Bat-a-Pult, an epic 1200-foot aerial attraction high along beautiful Williams Canyon.Our ride leaves from its roost high in the rafters of our Pavilion and doesn’t end at the bottom.Your mobility is limited while submerged, so it's best to lure then out onto dry land before taking them on - although you can use your crossbow underwater if you're really in a pinch.When the Drowners are dead, wade into the water and dive beneath the surface.

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These can only be created by collecting materials from around Moltara City and taking them to Tangor's Workshop, where he will fashion them into a shiny new Petpet for you.

The Shiny Obsidian and Miscellaneous Gears, however, are retrievable from certain places.

In the screenshot below, the Obsidian Quarry is outlined in blue, while the eight possible gear locations are circled in green.

You will climb and crawl through passageways lit only by flashlight.

Knowledgeable guides provide groups with 2 hours of good clean, yet muddy, underground fun!

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